Wildlife - christopher sherman
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Bison at Sunset

It’s been mixed weather in Yellowstone but we did get a wonderful sunset the other day and these two posed for me with the sun behind them. I’ve seen bison, black bears, grizzly bears, eagle, otter, elk, coyote, wolves, and a variety of birds. I cannot wait to share some great photos with you. Shooting wildlife in #Yellowstone can be very difficult. You definitely have no control over which animals you may see and under what circumstances. And of course, you don’t want to get to close any of them. The park was busy, but for the most part, people were kind and considerate. You just need to have patience. I was caught in more than one traffic jam as people stopped to view animals along the roadside or, in some instances, as animals crossed the road. #Roadtrip Day 41. I’m on a 40+ day, 5,000+ mile #roadtrip of the western United States. Yellowstone National Park

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